Stormy Weather, Possible Snow, in Forecast for Region

With a good chance of strong storms -- and snow -- headed this way, the police remind residents to be prepared for an emergency parking ban if need be.

Meteorologists are warning residents in Southern New England they may be inundated by at least two strong storms next week, lasting from Monday to midweek.

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook at this time and says light snowfall is expected throughout Sunday -- there's about a 50 percent chance of snow for the Peabody area -- but starting Monday, there's the possibility of a much stronger storm arriving.

"The exact details, timing and precipitation types remain very uncertain... Current indications are that it probably will be warm enough to support mainly rain on the coastal plain," says the NWS. "However, portions of the interior may be just cold enough for snow."

If that's the case, expect several inches of snow to accumulate along with the possibility of a "small swatch of ice," warns the NWS.

The current forecast for Monday in Peabody says 60 percent chance of precipitation with rain and snow likely.

And if that wasn't bad enough, a strong coastal storm may sweep through the region between Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing with it significant amounts of rain and/or snow.

The NWS says that if the second storm hits, there may also be strong winds along the coast and minor coastal flooding. There's a 40 percent chance of rain over both days with a chance of snow Wednesday night for Peabody.

In light of the potential for stormy weather and snow accumulation, the Peabody Police Department is taking the opportunity to remind residents that the new emergency parking ban will go into affect if need be.

"Under the new ordinance and upon activation of the Emergency Parking Ban all vehicles must be lawfully relocated from public roadways," reads an announcement from the police. In other words, find an alternative spot to park now before you get stuck in the storm.

"Vehicles found to be not in compliance with the policy are in jeopardy of being towed at the registered owner or designee’s expense. Violators will be charged a fine of $50 and will be responsible for towing fees," the announcement says.

The temporary ban does not have a specific annual date and will be in effect each time for as long as needed.

A ban will be declared by the Department of Public Services, as deemed necessary, in the event of weather-related emergencies such as snow, ice, floods, tornados, hurricanes, etc.

Public notification to residents will be made through several means: blue lights, social media (Facebook and Twitter), text and email alerts (Nixle), Connect Ed, cable access, radio and news outlets.


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