How Much Snow is Peabody Getting This Weekend?

Weather forecasters are predicting up to six inches of snow. Or hardly any.

It's the question on the minds of lots of city residents: Just how much snow will we really get this weekend?

While Pete Bouchard at WHDH seems to still think the coast could get 6-10 inches, the usually conservative National Weather Service says in a Winter Weather Watch that six inches are possible. But another NWS forecast doesn't even make a guess at how much snow Peabody will get. All are agreed it will be heavy, wet snow.

It's expected to fall late Saturday into Sunday morning, sometimes at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour.

The NWS warned that the heavy wet snow could bring down tree limbs and result in scattered power outages. That mirrors what Bouchard wrote in his blog: However much we get, this snow will be great for snowballs, bad news for weak tree limbs.

Storm start-up still looks like Saturday afternoon. We'll still be able to get around and the amounts will be light through midnight - in fact, we may even mix from Boston to the South Shore. (Cape sees rain.)

After midnight, the storm will get a little meatier. Snow intensity will increase into Sunday morning.

Heavy snow through Sunday morning.

Tapering to flurries by mid afternoon on Sunday

There is a lot of water being thrown around in the atmosphere, and with marginally cold temps, this will result in a heavy, wet snow in many spots. Even in Worcester county, it will make for good snowballs and snowpeople. On the South Shore, it will cake to the trees and power lines - so there might be more power outages.


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