What Would You Like to See on Foster Street?

What do you think is missing from this major road to and from the downtown?

The focal point of attention on Peabody's downtown inevitably centers on Main Street, as a major thoroughfare to and from Salem and points east, as much for its traffic safety issues and vacant storefronts.

Rebirth of the downtown seems synonymous with a vibrant Main Street. But what about one of the other roads to and from the downtown -- Foster Street?

This half-mile stretch of road has always been part of any revitalization or rezoning plans for the area, but isn't in the spotlight as much as Main Street, except when it comes to flooding.

Unarguably, parts of the street could use some help on visual appeal, while some lots appear underutilized. So what do you think?

What should Foster Street look like in the future? What's missing now? Would you like to see different types of businesses or recreational uses? Sound off in the comments section below.

Anthony A October 15, 2012 at 01:01 PM
More places like Petrillo's. They keep it nice and clean - and have great food to boot!


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