Route 1 Retail Mall Moving Along to Early Spring Finish

Construction of the new retail mall at the site of the old Countryside Motel on Route 1 is chugging right along.

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Are you one of the people who's been wondering how the development at the old Countryside Motel is coming along?

Well, here's your answer.

The new retail shopping mall under construction on the southbound side of Route 1, where the motel once stood, is chugging right along and should be finished early this spring.

Ward 5 Councilor Dave Gamache says he checks in regularly on this project and other larger developments along the Route 1 corridor. He said developer Richard Marchese hopes to have the multi-story retail mall finished by March or April.

The Route 1 bridal and women's apparel shop, , will occupy the entire second floor (10,000 square feet), moving down the road from its current smaller location at 168 Newbury St., and Honey Dew Donuts will take a spot on the ground floor. Gamache said a national chain pizza shop is another potential tenant.

for a drive-through for the donut shop. The property owner also owed $150,000 in back taxes on the land, which was paid before a building permit was issued.

Additional office space is still in consideration to be added on to the building and the old pool hall at the rear of the larger commercial site is being discussed with a possible buyer.

Marchese had tried a few plans for the pool hall, including a sports bar and an entertainment center, but none of them ever came to fruition. The latter proposal in particular not gaining enough support from the City Council.

The Countryside Motel, which was shuttered several years ago, was torn down to make way for the new mall.

Joseph Maio June 08, 2013 at 02:37 AM
Moving right along with a cease and desist order with compliance in place there has been no compliance but yet the city lets Richard Marchese break there cease and desist and laws. So I ask who is really breaking the law the builder or the city workers right up to the man in charge The mayor enabling him to? You Be the judge.


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