Latest iPhone Release Draws Long Lines for Apple Store

A steady flow of customers lined up outside the Apple Store at the Northshore Mall today, all to snag their copy of the iPhone 4S, which was released today.

The public release of the latest iPhone today saw eager customers waiting in long lines outside Peabody's at the . And it wasn't even the iPhone 5.

Police officers were also on detail outside the store to keep an eye on the crowd, which filed through line in orderly fashion.

Apple has released the iPhone 4S, which features an upgraded operating system, graphics and other features while looking outwardly the same as its predecessor -- the iPhone 4. Customers today had a choice between a white or black face. Here, most chose white.

Amanda Lowry, of Peabody, went to the store this morning to upgrade from her white iPhone 3GS, which she bought two or three years ago.

"This white one will have a clearer camera and FaceTime, which is like Skype," said Lowry. "I paid full price for it, which was $500. The new one will be about $300."

She said she'll probably not buy the iPhone 5, however, which may be released next summer, because it might cost even more.

Lowry knew there would be a line outside the store, and hoped to catch up with her friend in time for lunch.

She noted that the battery life on her old phone was still decent.

Mary DeMaina, of Lynnfield, was also in line this morning.

She purchased the new version, because her three-year-old iPhone 3 battery can wear down to half its charge within a half hour.

"I never go without my iPhone," DeMaina said, holding up her existing white phone. "I do everything on here, including banking. The new phone has more memory and more compatibility. It has FaceTime, a few little things, and a longer battery life."

DeMaina said she was eligible for the new version at a discounted price since it's an upgrade.

Jennifer Hernandez, of Lynn, was in line to replace her two-year-old Blackberry, which she purchased at a T-Mobile store. 

"I really wanted a white one," she explained. "But they sold out. So, I'll buy the black now and exchange it for a white next week."

She made the switch, because Apple's smartphone has more apps and features and is around the same price.

Matt Wright, of Leominster, said he was there to buy a black iPhone 4S even though his 16 GB iPhone 4 is only nine-months-old. He likes to keep up with the latest technology.

Wright's battery life is "very good."

Since he doesn't have a contract and gets an upgrade about every two years through work, he paid $500 for his existing phone.

"I probably will buy the iPhone 5," Wright told Peabody Patch. "I wasn't planning on buying it today, but the line wasn't too long."


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