Chief Asks Board to Consider Revoking Restaurant's Liquor License

Police say the Brazilian eatery has become a public nuisance and violence continues to spill outside its doors into the neighborhood.

Oliveira's Steak House is located at 72 Walnut St. Credit: Google
Oliveira's Steak House is located at 72 Walnut St. Credit: Google
Peabody Police Chief Robert Champagne is asking city liquor authorities again to consider permanently stripping Oliveira's Steak House of its license to pour drinks. Why? Because it's become a public nuisance and a flash point for violence in the neighborhood.

Champagne, in a recent letter to the Licensing Board, said nothing has changed in the past year since he expressed similar concerns about the Walnut Street restaurant and its clientele.

Instead, he argued, the ongoing situation poses a hazard to the neighborhood, patrons and police officers.

"I, again, call your attention to this licensed premise and my ongoing concern for the escalation of violence and that this premise operates contrary to good public purpose and has demonstrated itself to be a public nuisance," Champagne wrote.

Since January of this year, police have been called down to the Brazilian eatery 12 times for fights between patrons, disturbances and other instances of disorderly conduct that have spilled outside the bar onto Walnut Street.

Then on Oct. 12, as patrons were clearing out for the night, there was a stabbing with multiple combatants and multiple people were injured or hospitalized. Two people were arrested on assault charges.

The Licensing Board has scheduled a hearing for Nov. 25 at 7:15 p.m. to have the owners come down to discuss the situation.

Champagne had requested action be taken in May of 2012 after a series of brawls and other violent incidents.

At the time, a change in ownership of the restaurant was underway, which appeared that it would resolve the public safety concerns although it also revealed a number of problems with the corporate filing practices and record-keeping.

Consequently, the transaction was delayed for months after the Licensing Board had already temporarily revoked Oliveira's liquor license for 90 days.

Now, according to police, it appears nothing has changed and board members agree.

Attorney John Keilty, who has represented the restaurant, chatted informally with board members Monday night about the situation, saying a regular police detail might solve the problem.

Board Chairman Minas Dakos said Oliveira's is the only establishment in the city that sees this kind of violence repeatedly -- enough is enough.

"I don't want cops having a target on their backs," said board member Fred Murtagh.

As an alternative to revoking the license, Champagne asks that the board roll back the hours at Oliveira's to 11 p.m., but he also wants to see at least five interior and exterior security cameras installed and operating whenever alcohol is being served or there's live entertainment on the premises.
mark November 09, 2013 at 08:00 AM
Don't pull their license, pull their Visa's! Oops they are probably here illegally anyway! What a shock that Brazilians not keeping records in their business. You can probably find the records at the nearest Western Union with all the $$$ they send back to Brazil! These people are destroying this country! Also the sellout White politicians who allow this are also guilty and should be tried for sedition and treason for crimes they have committed against America!
Johnny D November 09, 2013 at 08:26 AM
I am glad that everyone is ignoring mark. His pathetic attempts to engage this board into "racism" conversations are falling on deaf ears. If we ignore his ramblings long enough he will probably go away. Patch readers, I implore you, do not take the bait! I am very surprised that John C. has not banned this guy yet, but the next best thing is pretending he doesn't exist.
mark November 09, 2013 at 01:08 PM
Just like you pretend the Brazilian problem doesn't exist! They are destroying this country! They have gutted the economy and destroyed small business in Malden, Everett, Revere, Framingham etc etc.
Bjean November 09, 2013 at 02:13 PM
Whatever. Obviously this place is a troubled spot. It has seen its day, there have been too many instances of violence and offenses. Its time to close the doors. Regardless of WHO owns and operates it. Im sure the community, neighbors, and police would love to be some semblance of peace and quiet restored. Get rid of it, shut the doors. End of story.


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