Beer, Wine, Liquors Now on Sale at Trader Joe's Peabody Store

The Route 114 store now stocks specialty beers, wines and liquors -- most of them brand name products -- and at an affordable price.

Alcohol finally hit the shelves last Friday at Trader Joe's Peabody store.

Customers can now pick up some brand name specialty beers, wines and liquors, along with other local brands from microbreweries and wineries. Check out the latest Fearless Flyer for some of the current selections on sale. 

, who owns Martino's Liquors on Route 1, for the all-alcohol package store license.

The company says alcohol sales are actually a regular part of its business -- most stores in California sell it -- but are just scaled back in Massachusetts because of strict license limits.

Thanks to the state legislature passing a law last year increasing the limit for a single business to five licenses, Trader Joe's was able to seek two more licenses for its Peabody and Foxboro stores.


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