Republicans Will Focus on Economy, Win in 2014

Republican victory in 2014 is inevitable, but only if we stick to fixing the economy. Voters want jobs and healthy businesses, but they don't want to live under the Taliban.

The 2014 elections will be won by Republicans. The tragedy is that we will win because the US economy in 2014 will be even worse than it is now. And Democrats are incapable of adopting policies to fix the US economy.

Republicans could have won in 2012, if they had talked about the national debt, corporate welfare, unemployment, and Obama’s ever-expanding Imperial wars. But at the top of the ticket, Romney spent his time “me-tooing” on all the big-ticket issues. This was no surprise to those of us who backed Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. Romney’s campaign was funded by the same bailed-out, too-big-to-function financials that backed Obama in 2008.

The result was an election with no choices. Both candidates promised more undeclared drone wars, more inflation, more debt, more unaudited transfers from workers and legitimate businesses to politically favored losers like GM, Solyndra, and Goldman Sachs. Both Obama and Romney promised to keep increasing the already-unsustainable military budget (the US spends nearly a trillion dollars on the military, almost as much as all other nations put together, when you add in the VA, foreign aid, the nuclear-weapon part of the DOE, etc.). Both candidates tacitly agreed to keep bailing out all big financial companies and GSEs (Fannie & Freddie).  Both candidates agreed to ignore the national debt.

Voters had no choices on economics, so they voted for personal freedoms instead. Prominent Republican candidates, even at the national level (you’ve already forgotten Herman Cain, but a lot of voters haven’t) promised to force women to have the children of criminal rapists. Other Republicans attacked gays’ rights to equal treatment under law. Given the vision of a Taliban-style Republican regime, at the national level voters chose to stay with the economic devil they thought they knew.

At the state level, voters kept Republicans wherever they thought they could trust them not to institute Sharia law. In New Hampshire, the most fiscally conservative Republicans were re-elected as state representatives and state senators… because those Republicans are also the most reliable defenders of personal freedoms. In 2014, Republicans will have to find candidates that can run credibly on a platform of economic recovery and respect for the Bill of Rights. US voters will not vote for the Taliban.

It’s the Debt, Stupid

When Obama took office in 2009, the national debt was 10.6 trillion. In November of 2012, it’s now at 16.3 trillion. This debt was partly funded by borrowing from Chinese ($1.2 trillion dollars), Russians, Japanese, even British taxpayers. Lenders have been drying up, and now the Federal Reserve buys a lot of the debt itself… in other words, we’re just printing money like Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany. This massive inflation of our money supply has been used to keep short-term interest rates down to nearly zero.

If the US wants anyone to keep using dollars at all, at some point it has to stop just printing the budget. Paul Volcker is famed for “saving the dollar” under President Reagan. In order to do this, he had to reduce the rate of dollar creation, and allow interest rates to rise. By 1982, the prime rate was at 21.5%.

But in 1982, the Federal debt was only $1.1 trillion. Now, it’s $16.3 trillion. If Bernanke tries to “save the dollar” by using Volcker’s interest rates, 21.5% of our current debt is $3.5 trillion. Our tax collections for this fiscal year are projected at about $2.9 trillion. So to fulfill Bernanke’s promises that the Fed can somehow maintain the dollar’s value, we would have to spend more than all tax collections just on interest payments, with no budget for anything else. No defense, no social security, no Obamacare, no farm subsidies, no Solyndra green-job programs.

So it’s obvious that the Democrats aren’t going to “save the dollar”. They certainly aren’t going to stop any spending programs… they’re Democrats! Under these conditions, not only will foreign governments not lend us more money, they’re going to start cashing in the bonds they already have. Inflation will become chaotic. Businesses will not be able to hire, or make long term plans, because they won’t be able to predict the inflation rate. Capital will flee the United States, cats and dogs will be living together, Gozer worshippers will invade New York and construct weird buildings.

Who ya gonna call? Republicans!

The Debt-Buster Republicans of 2014

Things are dire now. They will be far worse in 2014. Republicans simply won’t have time to waste on irrelevant issues. Even Klingons know that “only a fool fights in a burning house”.

Republicans of 2014 will unite on a very simple platform: Fix The Economy.

This doesn’t mean another pointless feel-good PR campaign against Food Stamp recipients using their EBT cards for beer. You could put the whole Food Stamp program inside the unaudited rounding errors of one bank bailout.

To actually fix the economy, we have to attack the real welfare queens: Archer Daniels Midland, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, General Motors. We need to cut trillions, not millions, of waste. And it has to be all across the board, every single wealthy group that gets taxpayer funds, or it won’t stick.

The Republican Fix the Economy Platform of 2014

1. No Corporate Welfare. No agriculture subsidies, no bank bailouts, no Aid to Dependent Dictators, no “green” scams like Solyndra, no gas-guzzler scams like GM. Every business will grow or shrink depending only on market forces. Government isn’t a brilliant investor, and pretending that it is has cost us decades of lost progress.

2. No Warlord Welfare. No more foreign aid. Period. We’re paying (through the UN) for a war in Mali right now, that was caused by the Obama Administration’s Libyan invasion. We’re paying for every side of every war and every dictatorship on Earth. With borrowed money. If we stop subsidizing the North Koreas and Pakistans of the world, their dictators and kleptocrats will fall. We won’t be involved in every religious and ethnic feud anymore. Hillary Clinton won’t be running three-quarters of the world’s governments. It won’t be a perfect world, but it will be more peaceful world than now.

3. No more Cold War military budgets, and no more undeclared wars. We don’t need a military that costs as much as all other nations’ combined. We’re allied with most of the major powers, and coexisting with all of them. The only threats to our security are nations like Pakistan and North Korea… both of whose nuclear arsenals were paid for with US taxpayer money. We could cut our military budget in half, devote what’s left to actually defending the US (as the Swiss have; they’ve stayed out of war for two centuries), and be far more secure.

That’s it. That’s the winning platform. A limited government, with limited powers, that is at peace unless Congress declares war or the nation is actually attacked. We used to call it the “US Constitution”. 99% of the voters in the US can fit onto this platform, and a solid electoral majority will.

Government Isn’t Your Mother: “Social Issues” Not Part of Platform

It’s time to quit pretending that government can run your church any better than it can run the monetary system or your business. Social issues are for society, not government. It is not up to government to decide what marriage is or is not. That is a job for churches and individuals.

Abortion has been a dead issue since the invention of RU-486. Are we going to send in the DEA and CIA for a national War On RU-486? If so, why do we think it will end any differently than Boardwalk Empire? Abortion is a matter of conscience. A real Republican, one that believes in the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, doesn’t want a Saudi-style religious police in America.

Most of the “social issues” aren’t based on Jewish scriptures, Old or New, anyway. Is there really anyone in the US who believes that women should have rapists’ babies? Well, the Bible doesn’t think so, in fact, the Bible recommends abortion even in cases of consensual infidelity… read Numbers Chapter 5, verses 11-32. In the future, maybe more Bible reading and less Bible banging would be in order.

The majority of NH Republicans have already ended their support for one social issue: Drug Prohibition. The Republican House voted to allow medical marijuana in the last session; it was the Democratic governor that vetoed the bill. The un-constitutional War on Some Drugs has been a drain on Republican constituencies since Nixon pushed it to prominence. Prohibition won’t be a factor in our 2014 elections though, because most NH Democrats don’t support it either.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Debt-Buster Republicans will win in 2014, and keep winning. As the party of peace and economic recovery, they will become the youth party. Democrats have attracted the youth vote by promising them personal freedoms and a healthy economy; if Republicans deliver on those issues, young people will flock into the Republican Party as they did the Ron Paul campaign. The party that attracts the younger generation will dominate the future.

By 2024 the economy will be working well enough that we’ll be able to look our children in the eyes and tell them: “your life will be better than mine was”. The US national debt will be smaller than the GDP. And life will be calm enough that you can spend time debating your neighbor about “social issues”. Maybe he’ll buy you a beer with his EBT card.

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Bill Walker November 15, 2012 at 01:29 PM
Republicans have accomplished a lot in NH since 2010. It is true that part of the problem is lazy media... rather than report on school choice, marijuana decrim (passed by the Republican House), deregulation for small business, etc., they stick to the old narrative that "Democrats are for personal freedoms". Tell that to medical marijuana patients, still illegal in our state thanks to the Democratic governor's veto.
Steve From NH November 16, 2012 at 01:25 PM
Republicans did accomplish a lot, and they proposed a lot more. The voters of NH took a look at what they did and what more they wanted to do, and we threw them out. You can stop blaming "the media", the Union Leader is a big part of "the media" around here, and they are absolutely biased towards the Republican agenda. Other media outlets are fair. On the other hand, you CAN blame the Republicans themselves, dragged way too far to the right by extremists.
Bill Walker November 16, 2012 at 03:27 PM
"Right" and "left" have lost any useful meaning. When the interest on the Federal Debt is more than the entire Federal budget, will that be that a "right" or a "left" issue? Everyone, Republican, Democrat and Independent, need to get behind people that will eliminate corporate welfare and stop the undeclared wars. When it comes to the trillion-dollar issues, there's no right or left.
Bob Samson November 18, 2012 at 07:04 AM
Wait til the people see the democrats they elected. A lot of weird ones this time around.
Bill Walker November 18, 2012 at 01:31 PM
>A lot of weird ones this time around. No one will notice anything in the next two years except the economy. It's little distraction issues that got us where we are now; we have to focus on the big-ticket stuff: no more undeclared wars, no more corporate bailouts. At the state level, no more Democrat borrowing... and that's gong to be hard to stop, judging by what they did in 2008-10.


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