You Ask...Patch Answers

Do you have a burning question about the Tanner City? Ask it here.

Are there any questions you're dying to know the answer to in Peabody?

Whatever happened to certain projects? Why Washington, Main and Lowell streets have red, white and blue striping on them instead of yellow? Where exactly is the Devils Dishfull Pond?

We've got more questions than a third-grader, and we're guessing you do too.  Peabody Patch is determined to find the answers, but we can't do it without your help!

"You Ask…Patch Answers" is a weekly column for locals looking for solutions to community problems, issues and those "only in Peabody" situations that you want solved.

If you've got a question about something in Peabody ask away. Fire it off to john.castelluccio@patch.com, and if we don't already know the answer, we'll dig it up.


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